Venus PLUS
Symbol: V-01P-3P
Venus PLUS

V-01P - 45x45x19h
V-02P - 55x55x20h
V-03P - 65x65x21h
Transport bag Venus PLUS
Symbol: VTT-01P-03P
Transport bag Venus PLUS

VTT-01P - 35x20x24h
VTT-02P - 43x28x30h
VTT-03P - 50x35x37h
Transport bag Venus LUX
Symbol: VTT-01L-03L
Transport bag Venus LUX

VTT-01L - 35x20x24h
VTT-02L - 43x28x30h
VTT-03L - 50x35x37h
Venus LUX
Symbol: V-01L-3L
Venus LUX

V-01L - 45x45x19h
V-02L - 55x55x20h
V-03L - 65x65x21h
Symbol: V-01S-3S
V-01S - 45x45x19h
V-02S - 55x55x20h
V-03S - 65x65x21h
Transport bag Venus STRONG
Symbol: VTT-01S-03S
Transport bag Venus STRONG
VTT-01S - 35x20x24h
VTT-02S - 43x28x30h
VTT-03S - 50x35x37h

We are a rapidly developing company manufacturing pet beds. Being open to innovations and the unique requirements of customers, we are able to achieve an increasingly better position on the market. Our products can be found in both small shops and in large warehouses and shopping centres.

Our beds are made of Polish materials that are carefully selected (...)

Ewa Jakubow

ul. Meliorantów 67c
42-200 Częstochowa

tel. 034 362 81 27
fax 034 362 78 21

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